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About the Internet-Museum

If you are here for the first I will explain you what is this site about. This site is about the history of internet . You can find lots of interesting information here, such as some articles, old versions of popular sites and others. Here you can go back to the past and imagine the internet as it was in the beginning.

This idea came to me a long time ago. In the beginning I was going to create a "Museum of ancient design" (there would have been the oldest sites of the internet as they were at the beginning of internet). But onceI have understood that it would be very hard to find such material, so I have forgotten about this idea. But in the end of the year 1999 my previous buisness in the internet was close to a failure, so I began to think of a new project ( I didn't want to create an ordinary site, I dreamt of something very unusual and extraordinary). And suddenly I remebered about forgotten idea of "Internet-museum". Later I started to write to webmaster of popular sites and ask them to send me something from their archives. I thought that it would be a lot of unanswered letteres, later I understood that I was mistaken. Many webmasters answered me and sent something from their archives. They liked this idea and wanted to help me. So I decided to create this site. The second birthday of the Museum is - 7th of January 2000. I worked very hard to make the site interesting. Here you can see the first version of Internet-Museum. But I realised that this design was not as good as I wished it to be. Later I remade it. Here you can see the second version of the Internet-Museum. But this design also didn't satisfy me. Later I decided to order a professional design. In a month the site was ready. I hope you like this design. But there was another problem - I didn't know where to host my site. One of my friends suggested to host my site on his server. I agreed with a great pleasure. And now you can see the Internet-Museum as it is. I hope you will like it. If you have any comments and suggestions send it to me.

museum creator.

Webmaster of the English version.