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[10:25 07.07.2000] New exhibit was added. It is screenshot and short description of browser Cello 1.01 (one of the first browsers, 1994 year).
[19:36 29.6.2000] Information about people who have contributed to the World Wide Web project was added. Also there are many new exhibits (such as altavista.com, lycos.com, webcrawler.com).
[10:16 10.06.2000] New exhibit was added. It's a full history of microsoft.com. Also one article was added. By this day Internet-Museum visited more than 10.000 people. New updates are coming...
[13:51 05.05.2000] I've added a couple of new exhibits.
[18:15 30.04.2000] Some new links were added.
[09:50 20.04.2000] Since this date Internet-Museum is officially opened! I've added some exhibits and links.

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